Previously Completed

On September 1 2015, we announced the “Got Your Kid Covered” campaign

This campaign was to raise funds for three important projects: 1. ramadas for the elementary teaching area, 2. restroom upgrade for the elementary teaching area, 3. a ramada for the puppet show in the kindergarten teaching area.


  1. Shown above is one of the teaching tables where Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists teach elementary school children about nature. On the left, the table is not covered to provide shade for the students. FOSC funded, with your help, the construction of ramadas to shade the three tables SCVN uses, as shown on the right.
  2. We are upgrading the inadequate restroom facility in the elementary teaching area, which will add a stall to each room to reduce waiting time and provide more time for teaching.
  3. We are currently finalizing the specifications for the construction of a ramada to provide shade for the Puppet Show in the kindergarten area.

We estimated these projects would require an investment on the order of $75,000.

We successfully raised a total of $76,415 which completed this campaign on January 12, 2016.