Previously Funded

Since 1993, FRIENDS OF SABINO CANYON, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, has raised more than one million dollars for projects in the canyon. These include trail maintenance and repairs, facilities enhancements, water wells, interpretive exhibits, educational activities such as field trips, restoration work and funding for research and invasive species management.

Your support to FRIENDS OF SABINO CANYON helps to make many canyon enhancements a reality. The Gateway Project, the restoration of Lowell Ranger Station, new bathrooms, exhibits in the Visitor Center, ramadas at Cactus Picnic Area and the ceramic desert wildlife themed art decorating the entrance ramadas were all made possible by community support.

Projects Funded by Our Generous Donors:

2021Invasive species eradication $20,000
2021Stone work, bridge/culvert rehabilitation $20,000
2021Four You Are Here signs throughout the area $2,990
2021Visitors Center tech/media upgrade $5,000
2020Invasive species surveying, mapping, eradication $50,000
2019Shuttle Stop 9 Shade Ramada $60,000
2019SCVN school bus support$6,000
2018Invasive Grasses removal$6,750
2017Bear Canyon trail map at East end of Parking Lot$6,000
2017Construction of 4 new ramadas in Cactus Picnic Area$35,000
2016Upgrading the elementary teaching area restroom$18,000
2015Construction of 3 new ramadas $31,000
2015School Bus Funding$14,000
2015Funding Sabino Stewards for treating invasive grasses$1,700
2013Visitor’s Center Educational TV Set$1,200
2013(2010 – 2013) School Field Trips Bus Funding & School Field Trip Educational Kits$17,000
2012Sabino Canyon Overflow Parking Connector Trail Construction$12,500
2009Giant Reed Grass Project (Arundo removal)$1,200
2008(2008 – 2010) Save Our Sabino (SOS) Trail Repair$385,557
2006Ramada Installation$21,000
2004Aspen Fire Recovery$18,500
2003(2000 – 2003) Water Well$26,462
2001Lowell House Restoration$40,000
2000Preservation Plan$6,000
1999Electric Supply Upgrade$1,911
1998Visitor Center Exhibits$35,000
1997Bear Canyon Trail Head$8,600
1996Entrance Monuments$7,620