How We Started

About Friends – a Fund Raising Organization

In 1993, founding board members Jim Click and Mel Zuckerman recognized that the Forest Service could not meet the financial pressures created by the growing number of users without community support. For over 25 years, Friends of Sabino Canyon has supported facilities enhancements, educational activities, trail maintenance, and invasive species management, as well as funded repairs from flood and fire damage. These, and numerous other projects have all been made possible through individual donations, corporate donations, fund raising events, and other activities and sponsorships to the Friends of Sabino Canyon. Support for these activities is ongoing while the canyon is facing new challenges in the form of dramatic weather cycles, changes in creek flow patterns and the pressure of over 1 million visitors every year.

What makes Sabino Canyon Recreation Area special?

Sabino Canyon is known as the jewel of the Sororan Desert because of its nearly year-round creek flow, and its abundant and diverse plant and wildlife. Visitors can enjoy hiking, cycling, picnicking and cooling off in the creek in this unique desert environment. It is also one of the few remaining locations within urban Tucson where this precious natural resource may still be protected and enjoyed.